Rosamond Special School


The Exits program is for students aged between 16 and 18.

Students in the post-compulsory years undertake the VCAL Foundation Certificate or, where more appropriate, a generalist program that provides students with the opportunity to participate in VCAL Work Skills, including a Structured Workplace Learning Placement and the VCAL Personal Development program as well as individual learning activities.

Within the post-compulsory program students are involved in a range of opportunities to build their academic capabilities and real life skills, with authentic learning as the focus. This includes opportunities for students to transfer the knowledge and skills they have developed at Rosamond into a community context.

What is VCAL?

  • V – Victorian
  • C –Certificate
  • A – Applied
  • L – Learning

VCAL Strands

  • Literacy & Numeracy (Lit & Num)
  • Work Related Skills (WRS)
  • Personal Development Skills (PDS)
  • Industry Specific Skills (ISS)

VCAL Integrated Curriculum Projects have included

  • School Based Apprenticeship (Certificate II in Food Processing) at Water 2 All, a not for profit community organisation
  • Driver Education Program
  • Footy Colors Day
  • Kangan TAFE Bridge to Work Program
  • Mentor Program
  • Planning and organising Graduation
  • Exploring Melbourne

Structured Workplace Learning Placements have included

  • Footscray West Primary School
  • Dual Ware
  • Kawasaki Motor Cycles
  • Attune Motors
  • Kinder Haven
  • Coles Altona Gate
  • Coles Footscray
  • Altona North Kinder
  • City Edge Motor bikes and Jet skis
  • High Point Industries
  • Collingwood Childrens Farm
  • Hobsons Bay Library


Where is Rosamond School?

276 Ballarat Road, Braybrook 3019
Phone (03) 9311 1511

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