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Real Learning at Rosamond School...


Real learning takes place when the teacher uses their knowledge of students, gained from listening to students, families, past teachers, medical professionals and therapists etc., to inform their teaching. Students’ different learning styles are recognised and catered for. The learning environments will change in order to support and meet the needs of the learners.  (Assessment as the basis of future learning)

Real learning takes place when teachers model and provide opportunities for students to experience and develop, life-long learning behaviours, including risk-taking and reflecting upon success and failure. Through such learning experiences, students develop knowledge and confidence about themselves as learners. (Students as learners)


Real learning involves explicit teaching and the provision of learning opportunities for students to be able to transfer knowledge and skills from one context to another. Through explicit teaching and the provision of such learning opportunities, students will be expected to be curious and questioning independent learners.  (Teachers using their expert knowledge and skills to provide curriculum and an environment to learn and grow)

Real learning involves a collaborative process (between teacher, student, family, relevant professionals) of setting challenging, achievable and purposeful goals. Teachers extend students beyond what they can already do, by providing the necessary structure and support. Students understand what they are learning and why, providing the motivator for students committing to be the best that they can be. (Zone of Proximal Development – Vygotsky and Gradual Release Model)

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