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Additional Programs

Our structures, programs, priorities and organisation are focussed on best practice in education today.

Every student at Rosamond has an Individual Educational Program.  This document evolves from the collaboration of parents and teachers and drives our teaching and student learning.  Assessment against the goals we set is continuous and ongoing and is documented in twice yearly reports.

Mutual trust, vision and a profound belief in what we do enables us to create and implement innovative programs, establishing us firmly as educational leaders in our field.

Our core teaching is enriched by the provision of additional learning experiences. These include:

  • G.I.F.T. - short for Goal Intensive Focussed Teaching.  Classroom teachers spend one hour a week with two students, ensuring teaching and learning is driven solely by the individual students’ goals, and nothing else.  
  • An Outdoor Education Program which offers every student an appropriate, challenging and exciting camping experience.
  • A Community Access Program to connect our students with all that the community has to offer.
  • Our own Speech Pathologist.
  • Counselling for students and their families – either ‘in house’ or outsourced.
  • A remedial  Physiotherapy program.
  • A Sport Program that includes the opportunity to participate in the Northern Special Schools Sports Association inter-school competition, Auskick, swimming lessons, Bike Ed’, tennis, lawn bowls and very much more.
  • VCAL -  a recognised  alternative to VCE, for students in their final two years of schooling.



G.I.F.T. is a precious piece of time given to all students and all classroom teachers.  Sometimes time is more important than anything. 

G.I.F.T. is short for Goal Intensive Focussed Teaching.  Classroom teachers spend one hour a week with two students ensuring teaching and learning is driven solely by the individual students’ goals and nothing else.  The teaching during this time is explicit.  The strategies used are well-researched and the learning (progress towards goal achievement) is well documented.

Our students make significant gains towards achieving their goals during G.I.F.T.  They know their goals and they know the learning intent behind every task. 

Our teachers relish the opportunity to plan for and deliver one hour of uninterrupted teaching time with two students, focussing on moving students closer to goal achievement.



A Physiotherapy program has now been running at Rosamond School for many years. At the beginning of Term 1, a qualified Physiotherapist assesses individual students to ascertain their specific needs, whether they be Gross Motor Skills (GMS) and/or Fine Motor Skills (FMS). Student needs are prioritised, and the Physiotherapist then devises a GMS and/or FMS program suitable for each student who will participate in the program.  That program runs four days per week and is implemented by our Physiotherapy Aide, who works with small numbers of students students for a duration of approximately 20 - 30 mins.  The progress of each individual student is monitored, and the program is modified if required. A full review is conducted in Term 4, and a report is provided to parents.

Gross Motor Skills (Mobility) consists of exercises using the student's own body weight, and also uses aids and equipment such as swiss balls, step blocks, weights, bands, balance boards, bikes, trampolines and the treadmill.

Fine Motor Skills (the ability of the student to undertake a range of age-appropriate tabletop activities necessary to access the curriculum) consists of a wide variety of activities, including activities using popcorn, coins, marbles, pegs, rubber bands, play dough, and scissors.


Where is Rosamond School?

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