Rosamond Special School


The Art program at Rosamond School is taught to all year levels and is constantly evolving and adapting to best support the needs and interests of the students. Students at Rosamond School are encouraged to create two and three-dimensional artworks and to use a variety of materials and tools including painting/drawing media (charcoal, paint, washes, pencils, textas, etc); sculpture and modeling media (plasticine, clay, wire, plaster, tiles etc); textiles techniques such as threading, sewing and weaving; and basic information and communications graphics software.


The Art program embraces digital technologies and has access to digital cameras, laptops, iPads and a mobile electronic whiteboard with an adjustable table-top mount. The students are given the opportunity to learn to use a range of equipment relevant to the Art discipline in which they are working and are encouraged to discuss their work with their teachers and peers.
Students are encouraged to experiment and expand upon their abilities in a stimulating and safe, light-filled room. All Art lesson outcomes are linked to ABLES, AusVELS and the VCAL curriculum.

Where is Rosamond School?

276 Ballarat Road, Braybrook 3019
Phone (03) 9311 1511

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