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Our students regularly access Information and Communication Technologies within our classroom programs. We are well resourced with a range of equipment including Interactive Whiteboards, iPads, Laptop and Netbook computers, digital cameras and videos, digital microphones, and gaming consoles. Our ICT equipment is used to support and extend students’ learning and provide greater opportunities to develop valuable knowledge and skills, and to make learning meaningful and fun.


Each classroom has an Interactive Whiteboard, a number of work stations and all have wireless connectivity. We use software that can construct learning experiences and have broad, flexible learning outcomes. Our students use a range of planning, graphing, creativity, presentation, design, research, problem solving, communication and editing programs, as well as visual arts and music programs. They also use a range of Web 2.0 and gaming resources including online calendars, Wiki’s, Mind Mapping programs, Google Earth, Digital stories, online texts, “StudyLadder”, and the DEECD’s new Online Learning Environment: the Ultranet. These resources give our students a scaffold in which to construct real and meaningful learning outcomes.

eLearning is a resource for learning at Rosamond:

All students in all sections of the school are ...

  • being provided with a series of learning opportunities that are enriched by access to technology.
  • accessing interactive eLearning resources (such as netbooks, the Internet, WEB 2.0, iPads, IWBs and other digital technology) to enhance their skills in all curriculum areas.
  • being provided with opportunities to be able to live, work and function in “The Digital Age”.
  • accessing a Cybersafety program and learning safe and appropriate usage of the internet, social networking sites and mobile phones.
  • having access to and using the Ultranet as a learning tool.

All teachers in all sections of the school are …

  • providing students with a range of learning opportunities incorporating eLearning resources, ensuring that the tasks synergise with student ILP goals across all curriculum areas.
  • monitoring and supporting students in their use and learning of new technologies.
  • educating students on ways to safely navigate the online digital world.
  • using a range of electronic resources to enhance student learning and the assessment process, including the Ultranet.
  • being committed to seeking out and embracing new opportunities to incorporate technology into teaching and learning and being willing to share pedagogy & resources with colleagues.

Students enjoy interacting with technologies to build their knowledge and skills. The technologies available in our classrooms often break down the barriers for students with their learning and sharing of their understandings. Students and teachers use the wide variety of Information and Communication Technologies as effective tools to enhance learning experiences.

Where is Rosamond School?

276 Ballarat Road, Braybrook 3019
Phone (03) 9311 1511

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