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The Health program at Rosamond School is taught to all year levels and covers a broad range of topics relevant to the student's age and abilities. In the Early Years section of the school, the focus is on practising and extending the students' knowledge of personal hygiene routines that need to be carried out each day. The students participate in 'hands on learning' sessions and practise their self-care routines such as hand washing and teeth cleaning in the classroom.

Students In the Primary School learn to identify the major parts of the body by their proper names and begin to describe their functions. Students learn to use pictures and/or words to describe how they feel and identify situations when they might feel angry, afraid, happy, sad, lonely, anxious or excited. They will be expected to identify situations where they feel safe and unsafe, and demonstrate a beginning understanding of safety by identifying basic safety risks within the school and broader community.

In the Secondary School, students develop an understanding of human development involving stages such as infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. Students are encouraged to indentify puberty as a life stage and explore the physical, emotional and social changes experienced by young men and women. Students are encouraged to investigate a variety of scenarios identifying potential hazards and harms at home and in the community and develop strategies to help make themselves and their environment safe.
All Health class outcomes are linked to the ABLES, AusVELS and the VCAL curriculum.

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