Rosamond Special School


The Music program at Rosamond Special School has been generously sponsored by both the The Newman Family Foundation and The Besen Family Foundation via Musica Viva's Equal Music program. The program provides for music teacher and artist-in-residence Karen Kyriakou to be employed one day a week at the school, accommodates professional development for teachers and allows two Musica Viva In Schools ensembles to perform at the school for students. The funding also provides a budget for the purchase of new instruments.


Musica Viva In Schools is a not-for-profit organisation that has been championing music in the classroom since 1981. Music in schools and quality school music programs is Musica Viva's passion. Musica Viva's diverse range of ensembles tour schools Australia-wide inspiring teachers and students through live music performance and as artists-in-residence.

Students who are involved in the program explore body percussion activities, dancing, singing and playing instruments. These skills will be utilised as the groups prepare for the end of year concert. Students are introduced to concepts such as beat, rhythm and melody. The lessons focus on building upon these basic skills by using simple activities such as clapping, chanting, rhythm-making and exploring music literacy. In the music class, the students are encouraged to be inquisitive and explore ideas. Within these activities they are developing skills to help them work together as a team.

The aim of the program at Rosamond is to provide students with the opportunity to access music in many different ways; to express themselves musically and creatively while developing skills to use in class, performances, the home and the community.


Where is Rosamond School?

276 Ballarat Road, Braybrook 3019
Phone (03) 9311 1511

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