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Physical Education

Rosamond School offers a comprehensive Physical Education program. We support students to build the knowledge, skills and behaviours to assist them to develop and maintain their physical, mental, social and emotional health. Students are provided with a range of oppportunies, programs and experiences to develop their motor skills and movement competence, physical fitness, sport education, team skills and an understanding of fair play and respect.

Early Years

Students learn to perform simple gross motor movements within defined spaces. They learn to negotiate their own steps and paths through spaces. They will be expected to coordinate two activities in sequence, for example, walk and jump or run and kick. Students learn to use fine motor skills to grasp, hold and manipulate objects and basic tools to complete tasks and achieve physical objectives. They will be able to identify some safety equipment and rules used in activities. As students progress they are expected to begin to develop basic motor skills such as running, jumping, hopping, skipping, catching, throwing, kicking, rolling, balancing, twisting, and turning. Students  learn to enjoy movement, while developing the basics in preparation for a healthy active lifestyle.

Primary School

Students learn to perform basic motor skills and more complex movement patterns within defined spaces, with or without equipment. They are expected to engage in periods of moderate to vigorous activity during individual and group tasks. They learn control when participating in activities that require a change of speed, direction and level. They will begin to understand the link between physical activity and health, and how being active can improve their health. Students will be expected to learn and follow rules and procedures to help them participate safely in games and activities and they begin to learn which activities they enjoy in preparation for a healthy active lifestyle.

Secondary School and Post-Compulsory

Students learn to perform a wide variety of motor skills and apply them to basic sport-specific situations. They are expected to participate regularly in physical activities for the purpose of improving skill and health. They begin to use game tactics and learn to work with others in team situations to achieve mutual goals. They will be expected to learn the concept of fair play and respect the officials and opposing players. The students learn to follow safety principles in all physical education activities and are expected to gain confidence in activities while being encouraged to engage in activities outside of school hours as they prepare for life as an adult with a healthy active lifestyle.

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