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Our school Library is so loved by our students that they have named it "The Hotel for Books". It is a space that is designed around instilling a love of quality literature, providing time to get to know authors and characters, and also creating a space for researching and relaxing. Students regularly visit the library for sessions held by their Classroom Teacher or during recess and lunchtimes for Drama Club.

 During Library sessions, students participate in literature-rich activities related to their developmental needs.  Younger students explore rhymes and rhythms in books - clapping and singing along with one another. They also experience opportunities to be the story-teller, using puppets as props which encourages dramatization and extended vocabulary. As students progress through the school, they begin to explore familiar and not-so-familiar authors, and compare their different styles of writing. They make links between their own lives and the characters' lives. Students begin to learn appropriate and relevant research skills to assist them with deepening their knowledge of the world around them. They begin to shift from "learning to read" to "reading to learn".

 Students in their final years of schooling continue to develop their skills in the areas of reading and viewing, whilst accessing the library program. They develop these skills by accessing the school's carefully selected resources which includes books as well as online resources, via the vast amount of technology accessible onsite. At times, students visit and have the opportunity to become members of local libraries, as part of school Library sessions. They become familiar with public library staff, resources and layouts. Our intention is that all of our students see themselves as confident readers and that they have a truly positive, lifelong relationship with books.


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