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School Uniform

In June 2018, our School Council members all agreed upon a School Uniform being mandated for our students. Historically a uniform was optional, hence many photos do exist on our website and in school publications, such as our Newsletter and End of Year Magazine, where students appear in casual clothing. From January, 2020, school uniform became compulsory for all of our Early Years students.  As of January, 2021, all of our students from Prep-Year 10 are expected to wear the Rosamond School uniform every day.  There are many advantages to wearing a school uniform, with safety being the predominant factor behind the introduction of the newly designed school uniform, introduced in our school in 2019. 

 Early Years  Primary and Secondary


The Rosamond School uniform consists of dark navy pants, shorts and/or track suit pants, which can be purchased from any preferred suppliers.  The school’s polo shirt, windcheater and spray jacket are specially made and are available to purchase/order from the school office. White socks and black shoes complete the uniform.

The colour of the shoulder band on the polo shirt denotes the area of the school that our students belong to. 

Our EarlyYears students (age 5-7) wear orange (value of trust), our Primary students (ages 8-12) wear red (value of honesty).

Our Secondary students (age 13-16) wear purple (value of respect).

Our post-compulsory students (VCAL and ASDAN) are currently not required to wear the school uniform.

Where is Rosamond School?

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