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eSmart, an initiative of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, is a behaviour-change initiative designed to improve cybersafety and deal with cyberbullying and bullying.

An eSmart school is a school where the smart, safe and responsible use of information and communications technology is a cultural norm. Students, teachers and the wider school community are equipped to embrace the best these technologies can offer, while being savvy about the pitfalls.

At Rosamond School we value Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) and the Internet as resources to support teaching and learning. We expect all staff and students to use ICT resources and the Internet in a safe and responsible manner and endeavour to provide the knowledge and programs to ensure our community uses technologies in ways that are positive and that protect them from the potential risks.

In the Cyber Safety program, we offer differentiated learning for students which is modified to ensure that students are learning at an appropriate level. 

Our program is thorough and comprehensive, teaching and supporting the students in the appropriate use of equipment and eLearning resources, to ensure that they have safe, positive and enjoyable experiences when using information technology and social media.

The school aims to help and support students, parents and carers of the Rosamond Community. 

Among the ways we are able to offer our support are: provision of additional information and resources (upon request); and response to Cyber Safety concerns. 

If you would like additional eLearning or Cyber Safety resources, or have any Cyber Safety concerns, please contact the school.

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Tips for parents to help protect children in the online world:

• Understand the sites and technologies your kids use and know who they're talking to. Spend 10 minutes with your kids on   their favourite games. Do they make contact with strangers through the game?
• Keep the family computer in an open area such as the kitchen or living room where it can be monitored.
• Create a list of online 'rules' with the family e.g. time limits, list of OK sites to visit, networking sites allowed to join.
• Educate your kids so they know not to give out personal details online without parental knowledge.
• Make sure your kids know what to do and where to go if they encounter cyber-bullying.
• Regularly sit with your kids when they are on the Internet. Let them know you are keeping an eye on their online activity.
• Never let your kids go to meetings with 'online' friends without parental supervision.
• Talk with your family about the risks of Internet use, particularly in chat rooms.
• Reinforce positive behaviour and values in the online world.
• Install software or services that can filter or block offensive websites.
• Don't ignore new technologies – kids and teens will use them, if not at home then at their friends' houses or in the school-yard. Ask your child to give you a lesson on sites or Internet gadgets you may not be familiar with.

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