Rosamond Special School

Policies and accountability

School policies exist within the parameters of the legislation which drives and defines our accountability to set the bar in terms of what we need to do to be compliant.

The legislative context within which we work includes:


The number of issues about which we need to have a policy statement is ever growing. We have statements on the following:


  1. Acceptable Use of Computer Resources
  2. Administration of Medication Care, Arrangements for Ill Students & Students with Medical Conditions
  3. Anaphylaxis Management
  4. Anti-Bullying
  5. Child Safety Code of Conduct
  6. Child reporting policy and procedures
  7. Curriculum Framework
  8. Engagement and Inclusion
  9. Excursions and Camps
  10. First Aid
  11. Illness, Accident and Incident Notification
  12. Parent Payment Implementation
  13. Responding to Parental Concerns
  14. RSS Privacy Policy
  15. School Philosophy
  16. Student Enrolment
  17. Supervision and Duty of Care

Where is Rosamond School?

276 Ballarat Road, Braybrook 3019
Phone (03) 9311 1511

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