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Rosamond School currently runs three Special School Bus services:

Altona to Braybrook Self-Managed Bus Service;

East Keilor to Braybrook Contract Bus Service, provided by Mees Bus Company; and

Williamstown to Braybrook Self-Managed Bus Service.

A supervisor accompanies the students on each bus service.

If parents/guardians/carers need to contact a supervisor during a bus route (7am to 8.55am and 3.05pm to 4.55pm) they can ring or text the following numbers:

Altona to Braybrook: 0403 597 630

East Keilor to Braybrook: ring Mees Bus Company on 9459 3000, and quote student ID number

Williamstown to Braybrook: 0431 001 439.


Our two self-managed buses run much like a contract bus, but rather than engaging a bus company to operate a route, DET provides a bus and the school manages the day-to-day running of the route.

Self-managed buses enable schools to write their own timetable and offer runs that are tailored to better meet the school community’s needs. They also give schools the freedom and flexibility of having a bus available anytime during the school day and holidays.

DET sees student travel as a collaborative arrangement involving all stakeholders that care for a student. Parents/guardians/carers must assist in minimising both the travel distance and duration for all students on a route by meeting the bus at centralised pick-up points. Logistically, this has allowed us to provide a streamlined and efficient service for our students.

DET requires parents/guardians/carers to talk to their child about appropriate behaviour during transit and help to manage inappropriate behaviour. Parents/guardians/carers should work closely with the school and bus transport operators. Note that it is the responsibility of parents/guardians/carers to manage the receipt, use and return of specialised travel equipment required during transit.

DET requires that all students are, where appropriate, met by a parent/guardian/carer as they get off a Department-provided travel service. All students must be accompanied to and from the bus. Alternative arrangements may only be made with agreement in writing of the school and the parents/guardians/carers. Students may return home without being met by an adult only when both the school and parents agree that the student has reached a suitable level of maturity.

Please note: DET may require parents/guardians/carers to seek alternative transport arrangements to protect the health or safety of any person or property.

Responsibilities of parents:

  1. It is the responsibility of parents/carers to ensure their children are escorted to and met from the bus each day, unless agreed in advance in writing.
  2. Parents are expected to be at the bus stop five minutes before the drop off and pick up times.
  3. It is the responsibility of parents to notify the school immediately there are changes to contact details.
  4. Parents are expected to notify the school – preferably in writing, if their child is to be met at the bus stop by a person or persons other than those authorised to do so.
  5. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure a sick child is not put onto the bus.
  6. During school hours it is the parents’ responsibility to notify the school if their child will be absent on a particular day.
  7. Outside school hours parents are asked to contact the bus company or bus supervisor or bus coordinator when and if their child will be absent.
  8. It is every parent’s duty to demonstrate active support towards those who are responsible for the transportation of students to and from school.

Rights, Role and Responsibilities of Rosamond School.

We expect:

  1. To be notified by parents and/or a representative of the bus company as soon as they become aware that there is a problem. This enables us to take immediate action.
  2. That the bus company or crew will notify the school if it seems likely that either bus will be delayed.
  3. That parents will notify us of any requested change to their child’s busing arrangements.
  4. That parents will be waiting to collect their children at the agreed time and in the agreed place each afternoon, unless agreed otherwise in advance in writing.

We commit:

  1. To providing support to the bus supervisors and drivers, whose role we acknowledge to be one of great responsibility.
  2. To doing whatever must be done to ensure the bus is safe at all times, not only for our students, but for the driver and supervisor.
  3. To maintaining the excellent relationship which exists between our school and the crews and management of the Contract Bus companies.


The history of transport to Department of Education and Training (DET) specialist schools dates back to the 1900s. The transport network was established in recognition that student needs were best serviced by a focus on the development of unique specialist facilities, rather than providing neighbourhood school support for a diverse group of students with disabilities.

Significant changes in specialist school education have affected student transport over the past 20 years. This dramatically increased the number of students attending specialist schools. To ensure quality of services during this time, DET reviewed its transport arrangements and introduced designated transport areas (DTAs) around each school. DTAs ensure that each student is provided with some form of transport assistance to their nearest most appropriate school.

In more recent years the number of students accessing specialist school education has grown significantly with improved research in the areas of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and mild intellectual disability. DET now provides specialist education services to an increasingly diverse number of students in areas across Victoria. Other factors that have impacted on transport arrangements have been general traffic congestion and the development of new housing areas.

DET continues to work on developing the transport program to best facilitate student learning in our schools. New and innovative programs are being encouraged, including transport training programs that encourage students to gain valuable life skills by travelling independently on public transport.

From time to time, we receive inquiries from current and potential new parents about the Rosamond School Transport Area. Students living within the Designated Transport Area for a Special School are entitled to free (but not necessarily door-to-door) school bus transport to that school. Students who live outside the Designated Transport Area for that Special School are not.

The suburbs included in the Rosamond Designated Transport Area are: East Keilor, Avondale Heights, Milleara, Maribyrnong, Edgewater, Maidstone, Braybrook, Tottenham, Brooklyn, Altona North, Altona, Williamstown North, Williamstown, Newport, Spotswood, Kingsville South, Yarraville, Kingsville, West Footscray, Seddon, Footscray, and the part of Sunshine bounded by Duke St, Ballarat Rd, Cornwall St and Monash St only. By agreement with Ascot Vale Special School, the area west of Steele Creek (Granite Way, Valley Lake Boulevard, Quartz Court, Pumice Court, Outlook Avenue, Ledge Walk, Olivine Road, Basalt Avenue and Steele Creek Drive) in the Valley Lake subdivision has been excised from the Ascot Vale Special School Transport Area and enclosed in the Rosamond School Transport Area. Please see the map included with this document.

Altona Meadows, Keilor and the rest of Sunshine are OUTSIDE the Designated Transport Area, and students are not eligible for School Bus Transport to Rosamond.

 The Student Transport Unit at DET has indicated that Designated Transport Areas may be reviewed in the future.




Where is Rosamond School?

276 Ballarat Road, Braybrook 3019
Phone (03) 9311 1511

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